Sharavogue Outdoors

We all had a playroom growing up…….it was called outside!

In Sharavogue, we are fortunate to have plenty of outdoor space in a leafy environment providing a perfect outdoor setting for the children. We support a healthy lifestyle policy and encourage children from Wobblers onwards to have daily outdoor time in the garden and playground (weather permitting).  This  encourages positive growth and development of your child through opportunities to explore and play. 

We have extensive  outdoor areas incorporating natural and  artificial grass, rubber backed playground areas and a full range of purpose built playground equipment, swings, slides, monkey bars and tree houses.  In addition we have lots of bikes, scooters and cars for the young explorers.

As children get older, to assist their development- there is an increased need for outdoor activity and team games, group involvement and down time.

This develops the children’s negotiating skills and appropriate reactions to winning  and losing. It is important for their social & emotional development  & developing relationships with their peers.