Our School

Sharavogue Junior School is a private co-educational primary school. We are non-denominational and welcome children of all religions. We have small classes relative to the national average guaranteeing lots of individual attention, ensuring each child can learn comfortably at their own pace.


Sharavogue House was formerly a family home and our school still retains a happy, welcoming atmosphere, starting at the front door. It is like one big family and all the children are known personally by our teachers and staff members.

We feel children progress best when they feel secure, happy and valued. We put huge emphasis on ensuring every pupil gains the confidence to achieve their personal best.

Ultimately, Sharavogue school is an intimate and happy place where every child feels valued.

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all”

Our Programmes

Our Classes are as follows :
Junior Class (4 – 6 Years) 9am – 2.30pm
Intermediate  Class (6 -9 Years) 9am – 2.30pm
Senior Class (9 – 12 years) 9am – 2.30pm 

Academic Day Programme

The academic year is September – mid June inclusive.  Class times are 8.55am-2.30pm/3pm daily and children are welcome to come in from 8.30an onwards. There is a hot dinner and morning snack provided as well as weekly swimming classes, French & Music, Singing, Arts & Crafts, P.E., Multisports and access to our learning support teacher where required.

The academic programme (Sept – June only), runs without holiday cover for 10 months of the year.
Total Care (Full-Time) Programme (7.45am – 6.30pm daily)

For parents who are both working, our total care option provides school and afterschool care all year round including holiday periods. They are welcome to come to school from 7.45am and can have breakfast before starting class.

Junior school total care programme 7.45am – 6.30pm

When the children finish in class, they have a full afterschool programme of activities which include, supervised homework, Drama, Junior Einsteins Science Club, Chess, Multisports and Crafts.

The total care programme includes care throughout all the holiday periods (Summer, Easter, Christmas and Mid term). The total care programme provides a seamless transition for the children from school  directly into afterschool.

During all school holidays such as Summer , Mid-term, Halloween, Christmas, Easter, there is a full holiday camp programme with daily activities, outdoor play, trips etc.

We have extensive gardens and purpose built playgrounds so all the children are outside on a regular basis.

Our Ethos

In Sharavogue we believe that every child learns differently.

Accordingly we embrace the Montessori principles alongside the Curriculum as laid down by the Department of Education. This, combined with small class sizes, allows us to tailor our teaching approach to each individual child.

The Montessori method centres on child-initiated learning. This encourages pupils to explore concepts and develop skills through their choices and interaction with specially-designed apparatus and materials.

Montessori offers a journey of active personal discovery rather than passive learning.

Our children benefit from being in an environment where girls and boys learn from each other. Life is co-ed. Our mixed aged group classes embrace co-operative learning where the younger children learn directly from their older peers.

Our small environment enables us to have a flexible and sensitive approach to children’s needs and encourages the growth of their confidence and self-esteem. We are confident that this prepares them both academically and socially for their move to secondary education.

Green schools

Green schools is an international, environmental and educational programme. It encourages children to be aware of environmental issues and tackle them on a day to day basis in every classroom.

We started our green school programme in September 2011 and it has been embraced wholeheartedly by all our students since then.

Our Senior Class Teacher  Mrs. Connolly is at the helm and our committee is made up of students from each class, Betty , our principal , teachers and parents. The committee draws up actions plans and works on curriculum integration within the school.

We are delighted to have been awarded with 3 Green School Flags for litter & waste reduction, energy and water conservation.   Each flag is awarded after 2 years of  hard work and effort  to achieve the objectives set down.

School Calendar

Parents & Children’s Testimonials

“Tell me and I’ll forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I’ll learn”