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Food and Nutrition

In Sharavogue we provide home cooked meals for all children in the creche and Montessori Total Care Programmes, Junior School and afterschool. Our menu is fully coded listing all allergens.

We ensure that all diets are catered for and are particularly mindful of children with severe allergies. Therefore, we maintain a nut free environment. Procedures are in place to communicate any allergies or food intolerances to staff in each room so that relevant options can be considered by our catering department.

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We have two full time chefs employed who prepare all our meals in house. Fresh produce is delivered to Sharavogue daily and no artificial ingredients or additives are used during cooking. Fresh fruit is served daily for morning and afternoon snacks. A selection of fresh fruit is served daily for morning and afternoon snacks.

At Sharavogue we know how important Nutritious food is for our children’s growth and development. Our meals provide them with the fuel they need for the day in order to learn, run and play. Our chefs base each meal on the basic food pyramid to ensure each child obtains a balanced diet and promotes a more adventurous attitude towards food.

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In our creche, we work in partnership with the parents to assist in the weaning process and introduction to whole foods. We provide a variety of pureed fruit and vegetables initially, gradually introducing fish, poultry and meat as per childhood development guidelines.

Introducing these foods and new flavours at a young age, will help to avoid fussy eating at a later stage and provide them with a more varied palette. Variation is key to a healthy diet.

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From the Senior Montessori group onwards, children’s main meals are served in the dining room.

We support healthy eating and implement the Smart Start Healthy Ireland programme for children. The aim of this is to supprt children’s development of lifelong healthy eating patterns, skills, behaviours, and attitudes.


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