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Sharavogue runs an after School Service for children attending local schools.

The children are collected by the school bus or cars and brought back to Sharavogue where they have a hot home cooked dinner. All the children then have a supervised homework session.

The children are then divided into groups depending on their age and take part in afternoon activities. There is also plenty of time for relaxing built in to the afternoon. The children have an afternoon snack and fruit later in the evening.

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We are an all year round service closing only for Christmas Eve, and the 3 days between Christmas and the New Year. We are open till 6.30pm every evening and 8.00am to 6.30pm during school holidays, in-service days, non-school days and summer holidays.

This is the only Department in Sharavogue that we are unable to guarantee places. As children can stay up to six years in the Afterschool programme, availability of spaces is limited on a year to year basis. Children attending Sharavogue Junior School are guaranteed a place in the Afterschool. Priority is then given to children who have attended Sharavogue Montessori/Creche but we cannot guarantee places for everyone.

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Schools we collect from

We provide collection from many of the schools in the area (St. Joseph’s, Loreto Dalkey, Harold Boys, Dalkey, Glenageary/Wyvern National School, Dalkey School Project, The Harold, Glasthule)

Children can be dropped in from other schools such as Johnstown, Hollypark, Kill-o-the Grange.

Afterschool Activities

We support a healthy lifestyle policy & encourage outdoor activity. In keeping with our ethos, we have large outdoor areas – natural, artificial grass, playground equipment, swings and slides.

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We feel as children get older, to assist their development there is an increased need for outdoor activity/team games, group involvement and down time. This develops the children’s negotiating skills and appropriate reactions to winning and losing.

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Junior Einsteins Club

This is Junior Science Programme, builds on the science experiences that draw on children’s interests, letting children discover science concepts for themselves as they explore and learn. This programme is run by Tracey Jane Cassidy and has been a big hit with all our junior scientists this year.  We look forward to lots more experiments next year.

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Multi Sports

Multisports is run by Southside Sports, headed up by Craig Aston and his team of qualified instructors who are teaching in Sharavogue and many of the local schools for over 10 years. Multi-sports introduces a range of group/team games to the children helping with ball skills, co-ordination and team involvement.


Drama classes are a wonderful way for the children to build their confidence and an opportunity for them to develop their creativity. We have weekly drama classes for the Afterschool.

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Zumba, Gymnastics and Yoga

We have introduced Gymnastics and Zumba dancing classes which have proved to be very successful with the children. We also regularly do a yoga class with the children. We alternate these activities during the year.

afterschool kids eating ice-cream

Holiday Programme

During all the school holiday periods (approx 13 weeks of the year), the children are welcome to come to Sharavogue from 8.00am – 6.30pm daily. During these holidays, there is a full camp programme running.